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Shawn said:
Now, tell me... why would someone post something they wrote in 2003, date it 2007, and have an original copyright date of 2005?

I'm flattered by all the research you have done Shawn, but I can explain this all very clearly.

I transferred entries from my blog (I had a blog on Livejournal.com from 2002-2007) onto a few new websites, and that is why that entry is dated 2003, since I wrote it in 2003. I started the sites in 2007, just recently. The copyright dated 2005, I have no idea about, but I guess the site template has that there and I just didn't realise it.

All the writings are mine. All the websites are mine. All the pictures are mine.
Shawn said:
A case of stolen identity and extremely obsessive behavior resulting in a complete mockery of herself, and of those surrounding her. This member is guilty of plagiarism and of quite minor identity theft.

She is quite a 'character', isn't she? :p


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Konignacht said:
She is quite a 'character', isn't she? :p

someone must really hate me to go to all the trouble of creating those sites, pretending to be me, and then lying to you all. i do not believe anyone would hate me quite so much, no.


google my name: Aimee Friedland

see for yourself.

I'd rather not, thanks.

Why do we care?

someone must really hate me to go to all the trouble of creating those sites, pretending to be me, and then lying to you all.

I guess so.

Look, lets just drop it, and quit spamming the site with these conversations. They were entertaining for awhile, but it's starting to get rather boring.

Aimee Friedland, please, how about we tone everything down a little bit, and post up some real writing for us to critique, hm? Please? And remember, we don't care who you really are. If you're just a character, that's okay...we can except that. Stop forcing your identity down our throats.


Note: Go easy on Konignacht, hm? He's just having some fun. ^___^;;
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You do realize that by calling you and your rants nothing more than a poorly created charactor is a compliment, don't you? You should just tell people that you are a character ever if you're not. People obviously think your posts are so ridiculous that they can't have been written seriously. You should go along with it, it'll make you seem less ridiculous.