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People pleasing or self satisfaction? (1 Viewer)


Senior Member

Being a home maker is easy people say...
U just stay in and don’t have to do anything people think..

But every household has a different story to tell..

Wether you whisper or yell....

It may have a father who never talks..

To a mother who is never content...

Kids who will always be kids...

And a father who is busy
Making money to meet everyone’s needs...that forgets to be a husband most times...

She finds her happiness
In little things..!

A little care...From her beloveds... and
A little spark of love makes it a whole lot easier for the home maker to fare...

To last her for days

To please a home...

To be attentive to everyone....she pours all she has-
In what she does

Just to wear a smile on everyone she loves...
She will go beyond her limits

Others may call it people pleasing
For her its what her entire day is based on
If people are happy, satisfied-
She is wholesome

Finding new motivation everyday
To give the best of her
And fighting on many ends
To prove her worth

Being a home maker is easy
People say
It is a 24*7 job that
People forget..!