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Path to the Watering Hole No1:(reflections on radical Islam):By Richard.E.Craig (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
As children they had forged a friendship,
cast in a forbidden die-a love not understood by most.
Many saw it base and evil,
others thought it carnal lust,some knew the boys and knew it love.
The Mullahs raged and decreed it sin,
the mothers wept for their beaten sons,their beautiful boys.
They call it the path to the watering hole,the law that staid's your thirst,
but this law staid's the thirst with blood.
The words of an illiterate fool who spurred a culture,
a culture like that on an agar dish.
A culture that spreads on the edge of a sword,
a culture of Jew haters and Christ deniers.
A culture that boasts of itself the creator of modern medicine,
they who cut the hands of the poor.
They who stone there wives,who cut the tongues of those who speak the truth,
those who took the lives of two boys who dared to love.

By R.E.Craig