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past spoils (1 Viewer)


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past spoils

the dead speak
have tongues
recorded sound
printed word
deeds, reputation
truth in recollection
cans of worms


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I like this. Especially the end. Our words travel to the future when we record them as sound or writing.


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Really interesting piece. The brevity again creates a stark piece, for me you can read this in a few ways, the obvious one would be the idea that our memory, our likeness our voice can now be carried forward in time and beyond our lifespan by the advancements in technology and this perhaps isn’t always a good thing.

But you can also read in the idea that now because of things like Twitter, words that you have used in the past can now come back to bite you on the ass. Especially when anything written or recorded is no longer taken in the context of its time you create that, “can of worms.”

Not much to add in terms of criticism.

Cheers for sharing



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Hi aj - thank you. I'm glad you like it. Yes they do, whether its a diary passed down through a family, or the published diaries of Pepys. Only the dead know the truth of their words I suppose and people aren't always the most reliable witnesses, especially when it comes to themselves. They say history is written by the victors. Those were some of the things i was thinking of. Thanks for reading my poem. Cheers mate, all the best, PG

Hi Syd - thanks. You write very good critiques. They are always insightful and well thought out, helpful too. Thanks for your readings, yes the first one was what I was thinking on - I wrote it as I am struggling with some other poems and did this when I was stuck. Strangely your second reading never occured to me (I've written several poems about that subject in the past) - just passed me by. Its a very good observation and fits perfectly. So thank you. I'm very happy with that. Thanks for your thoughts, greatly appreciated as always, cheers, all the best PG