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Part 3 Alice: The Dreamchild (1 Viewer)

Scene 7-

Alice wakes up in her cell. It is still dark, but everything seems back to normal. Alice looks over to see that the cell door is wide open and a gray light beckons her from the hallway.

Alice: Hello?

She stands up and slowly moves toward the doorway.

Alice: Am I still dreaming?

She makes her way to the main lobby where it is cold silent and dead. Shadows paint the stage for something dire. She notices that the window is gone. Alice’s heartbeat speeds up just as a familiar voice growls in the darkness. It is the voice of the Red Queen. She floats out of the shadows like an enormous apparition. Dim gray lights illuminate her huge distorted figure as she staggers toward Alice. Her eyes are black and her face is twisted and insane. As she moves further into the light we see that she is dragging an axe behind her. When she speaks her voice is like a choir of ghosts: moaning and crying. Atop the ethereal voices comes a wheezy and raspy voice.

Red Queen: It’s so good to see you Alice… (Coughs hysterically.)

Alice: How are you still…

Red Queen: Alive? Ha! You must think you’re so smart don’t you little girl?

Alice: I’m not a little girl and yes, I happen to think that I am very smart.

Red Queen: Watch your tongue you little back mouth! (Wheezes heavily.) Remember, you’re in Wonderland! I make the rules here!

Alice: (Closes her eyes and pounds her head with her fists.) Go away, you’re not real! This is all just a bad dream!

Red Queen: (Laughs and coughs.) You really think that’s what’s going on? A dream?

Alice: It must be… (Pushes her fists to her head.) Wake up… Wake up Alice…

The Red Queen floats closer. Her chalky face is filled with disgusting hatred.

Red Queen: I’m here to kill you child. (Slowly lifts her axe in the air.)

Alice: (Begins screaming.) Wake up Alice! Wake up! Wake up Alice!

Hatter’s soft-spoken voice accompanies her screaming as the lights fade out in a strange fashion. She is waking up from her nightmare.

Red Queen: No! I’ll find you!

The screams fade out. Now all we can hear is Hatter.

Hatter: Wake up Alice… Please wake up…

Alice’s cell illuminates again but this time Hatter is in the room with her. She twitches and cries in bed and Hatter tries to wake her up. Finally she awakens. When she sees Hatter she attempts to scream, but Hatter throws his hand over her mouth and tries to calm her down.

Hatter: It’s all right… It’s just me. (She twitches.) Alice. It’s just me Hatter. You were having a bad dream, that’s all… Are you okay? (She nods her head.) Can I move my hand? (She nods her head again and he lets go.)

Alice: What are you doing here? How did you get in?

Hatter: Well… I know you haven’t been getting much to eat so I brought you some dinner… (Hands her a rather healthy bag of food.) I also brought you some penicillin to help you build up your immune system again… (Alice stares at him.) I stole a key ring to get in here… I’m giving it back… (She still stares.) I hope you enjoy your food.

Alice: I can’t believe you went through all this trouble for me.

Hatter: It was no trouble, really.

Alice: Please sit up here with me.

Hatter nervously sits next to her on the bed.

Alice: I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve been taking our friendship for granted… I’ve just been so far way… The truth is, I really like you…

Hatter: I really like you too…

She moves closer to him.

Alice: I think I want to kiss you…

Hatter: I think I want to kiss you too.

They slowly lean in and kiss. It is a rather short kiss, but very soft. They both smile.

Hatter: That was nice…

Alice: Yes it was…

Hatter: So what now?

Alice: I don’t know. I guess we wait and see.

Hatter: I guess so.

They look each other in the eye.

Alice: Thank you for being such a good friend Hatter.

Hatter: You’re welcome… Thank you…

Alice: You’re welcome.

They get really close as if they’re going to kiss again, but Hatter stands up.

Hatter: I really should get going.

Alice: Do you have to go? (She puts her hand on his shoulder.)

Hatter: Yes. I’m afraid I have to.

Alice: If you must…

Hatter: Goodbye Alice.

Alice: Goodbye… (He begins to leave.) I’ll see you tomorrow, right?

Hatter: Right.

Hatter leaves in a slightly nervous panic.

Alice: He’s so odd… (Smiles, pulls out her notebook and a sandwich from the food bag. Begins eating.) It was like a dream… I woke up and he was there, right by my side… I kissed him. It was perfect… (Smiles/ eyes water.) All my life no one has ever cared for me this much… It feels so different, but right… (Pauses.) I’m going to sleep now… Lets hope I don’t have another nightmare.

She puts her notebook and half eaten sandwich away and lies down. The set fades to black.

Scene 8-

Alice enters the lobby along with the other patients. It is storming outside of the hospital. She looks around, but Hatter is nowhere in sight.

Alice: Where could he be? He said he’d see me today…

March Hare walks up behind her and taps her shoulder.

Hare: He’s gone Miss Alice… They transferred him to isolation this morning…

Alice: This morning? Why? What happened?

Hare: From what I hear he was taking care of you.

Alice: Oh no… He’s getting punished and it’s all my fault.

Hare: No Miss Alice… (Pauses.) He acted out of love.

Alice: Love… Now there’s something I don’t get…

Hare: I suppose it’s a matter of faith.

Mouse joins them.

Mouse: Faith is the denial of reality.

Hare: (Tightens his face.) So are your pills.

Mouse: Yea well… Anyway, I heard about your boyfriend Alice, tough luck.

Alice: He’s not my boyfriend… Although I do hope he’s all right…

Hare: He should be fine… Isolation isn’t too bad usually.

Alice: How long is he in there?

Hare: A month I’m afraid.

Mouse: Yea, I almost got canned too. I had to convince the guards that I had nothing to do with his little plan.

Hare: You should get canned.

Alice: I wish there was something I could do…

Mouse: Maybe there is…

Hare: Wait a second mouse!

Mouse: I could get you down into the isolation floor. You could visit him… Make sure he’s all right…

Hare: Never mind you go ahead and get caught.

Alice: How can I get down there?

Mouse: All I need to do is get the keys. I will get you out of your cell tonight and give you the keys. From there, you’re on your own… You didn’t get the keys from me.

Alice: Of course not… What time should I be expecting you?

Hare: Both of you have a nice time getting caught. (Sips his tea.)

Mouse: 12:00 Midnight… You must be quick about it.

Alice: Right.

Hare: Let me know how it goes. (Begins laughing. Walks away.)

The set fades to black. Shortly after it lights up again, but the set is changed. Alice is walking down a dark hallway with long iron keys in her hand looking for Hatter’s room.

Alice: So far so good… Where is his cell? It feels like I’ve been walking forever. I hope he likes the card I made him… (She reaches the room.) Here it is…

She puts the key in the door and opens it up. When she opens it a loud screaming static comes out from within.
Alice puts her hands over her ears and falls to her knees.
The entire set fades to black, but the static continues.

Alice: What’s happening to me?

Out of the placid darkness walks Hatter, but he appears evil again. In his hand he holds a long butcher knife. He holds it out to her.

Hatter: Quickly Alice… Put the knife into your chest. The queen is near…

Alice grabs the knife.

Hatter: It’s useless to fight her… (A sinister smile spreads across his face.) She wants you to punish yourself for what you’ve done.

Alice: I haven’t done anything!

Hatter: Do you remember anything about your childhood? Tell me Alice.

Alice:(Face becomes angry.) Shut up! You’re not real!
(Lashes out with the knife and murders Hatter. He falls to the ground and the lights begin to flicker.) Wake up Alice!!! Wake up!

She looks down at Hatter who has almost changed back into his normal self.

Hatter: (Looks up at her.) I love you. (He falls dead.)

The static picks up again, but quickly dies down as the scene changes back once again to its original state. Alice looks around; she’s standing inside Hatter’s isolation cell. She looks down at her feet to find Hatters dead body. In his throat are three big metal keys. She had stabbed him repeatedly in the neck. Alice immediately begins to scream and cry. Guards from the far side of the hall begin running toward her.

Guar1: Holy hell!

They wrestle Alice to the ground as she screams.
The set fades to black. Before the lights come back on we hear two people talking. It is Dr. Reese and the ward administrator once more.

Reese: The death of Alice’s friend seemed to open some sort of door in her head… A door I’ve been waiting to open for the past eleven years… I now know the truth…

Admin: What do you mean?

Reese: (Sighs. Long pause.) Alice… started the fire that killed her parents… (Another long pause.)

Admin: How did you find out?

Reese: It was in the last page of her diary… She said that she feels safe now, knowing that she will never again have to return to her nightmares… She had finally found her closure…

A dim light lights up Alice’s cell. She is strapped down to the bed and her face gazes emptily toward the audience.

Alice (V.O.): Tonight I will sleep soundly and tomorrow I will die of guilt and hatred for myself. Though I have been sick since my birth I guess I just wanted hope for myself…
I killed my parents… not out of spite, not out of jealousy, not even out of resentment… I killed them out of utter sickness and now I know that my sickness will never go away… Perhaps in the future I will find a dream worth dreaming and I will stay there… A dream child just hoping for something better.

The set fades to black.