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Parody - Remeo & Juliet (1 Viewer)


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I had to right this for an assignment to act out in class, it is the scene in Romeo and juliet where the nurse finds Juliet fake dead. I had to turn it into a comedy though. It is kind of short and you might need some referncing. But tell me what you think. Thanks!


Enter Juliet

Set yourself up leaning against the book case sitting cross legged and make it look like you were injecting something into your body with a syringe when you died.

Enter Nurse

Nurse: Lady Juliet, Lady Juliet.

Look around. When you see Juliet, snort into your hands, and turn around and motion with your hand for us to come in while saying:

Come see this, look at this.

Enter Friar Laurence, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet, and County Paris

Lady: Get out of bed you lazy…

Say this with your arms crossed and an annoyed look on your face.


Excluding Lady, go shush to Lady, with your finger pressed to your lips, directly after she says “lazy”.

Lord: Get out of bed you hilding, or begger at my door.

Paris: Woe betide me, sorrow for my soul, fair Juliet dead upon our wedding morn, Never a match better suited for me, than fair Juliet plus three.

Friar: Oh, (hiccup) I’m sorry, i-t-’-s just all flowers.

Say this as if you’re high on a rather specific flower.

Paris: Juliet, Juliet, poor me, frail me, why Juliet? Wh…

Friar: Bosom

Say this in the middle of the last “why” said by Paris.


Excluding the Friar, look down at the Friar

Friar: Um, yes, shall we move the corse to the, ahh, uhh, monument?

Paris: A wedding, what of my wedding? Who shall I be...wed? A match as worthy of the status of Juliet is not easily topped. What of my wedding?

Nurse: Hush, now County, if you wish, perhaps you would like to talk, with me over some wine?

Bat your eyes at the county.


Start moving around the room, as if restless and picking up a ring say:

Upon my word, I do believe this to be that young Mercutio’s ring.

Lord: The one related to Escalus?

Lady: The very same, though he never seemed the type to be into women.

Lord: True, True.

Friar: Ha, ha, ha, my cloths are brown!


Excluding the Friar, look at the Friar

Friar: Ah, (clears his throat loudly) perhaps we should, um, take Juliet to the monument?

Lady & Lord:

Grab Juliet by the arms and legs. Exeunt.


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not funny
i mean, it just isn't funny
i can't even really help you make it funny. it's not funny.
the friar's one-liners are especially not funny. and stupid. don't do that random stupid crap.


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you need to study the art of play writing... the direction and action descriptions are not written in the second person... none of this makes any sense to me, nor does it make me laugh... sorry...