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Paradox (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
Courage does without courage
no flag waving on blood and bones
to litter the effects of an old man’s greed;
no whistling gun, no screaming shell
to demand a reckoning with foes
whose only challenge is a chance
to find a different path.

Faith stops belief
denies a spirit guide
does not follow the whims of the warmonger
while children are allowed
into the den of lions;
no prayer can recall an innocent lost
to an old man’s creed.

Strength enough to yield,
shed a tear in preference to a punch
accept weakness
discover that strength is to bend
not to reach;
embrace the soil as your return
find freedom will breed.


Staff member
Love the first line- so true- One hell of an anti-war poem and more. This is such an important poem - each stanza is mind opening-filled with empathy, compassion and wisdom. The last stanza reminds me of the beatitudes A piece everyone should read-

I'm glad you starting writing poetry again -