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Outlier's Bloom (1 Viewer)


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Outlier's Bloom

She bloomed, waxy and defiant
in the shadow of a bluff
maple draped a beast
an old guard of the east

A thousand miles
and thousand more
from her humid
sleepy brackened
marshland home

An alien, her blossoms bright
a battle standard shone
in the dormant dreamscape
of the bitter northern vale


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The title is brilliant and frames this poem perfectly... love it when an artist uses the title of a poem to enhance the poem, and add mystery, instead of explaining the poem... your title is a perfect hook ;) and the poem more than lives up to the intriguing title.... exquisite and exotic ...

I kept coming back to this poem since you first post it.

Great title and I absolutely love the first line.

The poem reminds of the courage and strength it takes to blossom where one may not fit in, or where they may not be used to...(not even sure if I'm describing my interpretation right)...but your words sticks with me so I decided to share.