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our dream is dead (1 Viewer)


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So many of us wake up everyday and enter the ruthless grind of our deraved society in search of the great "american dream". Were beating a dead horse. That dreams been gone, It made its exit with kennedy in the sixties. Its not even alive in spirit anymore. It was killed, murdered by men like george bush senior and dick cheney, irrevecably destroyed along with sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Were trapped in a fearfull society, a society afraid of terrorism, government, and our own sick people. Children are murdered daily, with no outcry from an unfeeling public. Whatever happened to the free love of the sixties? Ill tell you what happened, that movement caught aids and died in the mid eighties. For the first time in history, we find ourselves in awe of our own misery.

How can it get worse? The answer to that question lurks in the dark, evil minds of our morally corrupt leaders. Our minds have been numbed by the constant flood of images of death we get from halfway across the world we recieve daily through the idiot boxes stationed in our living rooms. Decent people would turn away, and we have. But can anyone blame us? we, as humans, can only take so much, before we overload and shut down, and we have had just about enough. Ive sworn off CNN, it only serves to prove my point for me.

It sickens me to the point of desperation, so i write these tirades, the last great political commentary on a dying society. It might bring a tear to my eye, if i had any tears left. sadly, i dont, and i myself must enter this rat race in a short two hours from now. Moving furniture is nothing to be played with after only two hours of sleep, and ive given up trying to become a rich man. Im just trying to pay my rent, and have enough food to substain me until the hammer drops down, and one of bush's lackeys gets word of our protest. they will show up at my front door and drag me off kicking and screaming in some hannible lector like restrainting device, claiming ive lost all patriotism and have gone crazy in my own self loathing. and who knows, they may be right, in a sick, narrow minded way.