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Yeah, but what's the greater implication here? Cause I kinda feel like I'm supposed to be the caveman here, for trying to access a lost page. Am I just being defensive for no reason? Why does someone in this scenario have to be a caveman with an electrical wire up his arse? lmao

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Where did you come across that link?
I made it by deliberate-accident. It doesn't exist on any site page I've found.

The finger-flapping version:

After @Darren White's stern response, I realized I'd maybe stepped into something. It was an error. But it wasn't the site's fault.

And here we are?

What I was trying to do was to share something I found pleasant -- that caveman GIF animation. It gave me a laugh so I shared. In a place, The Tavern, where I thought Serious was left at the door.

Little did I know.

And, yes, I completely forgot from another life back when I was The Darren on complicated websites and I used to watch the server logs for 404 errors like a hawk and when any slight whiff of something going wrong was pointed to, pounced upon, and dispensed with at warp-speed Resolved!TicketClosed! What problem?

So I understand the response.

This wasn't one of those cases.

The link was off-site and entirely of my screw-up.

See? I was prepping my August LM judging spaces, which are in my desktop journal where I do all my writing things. Since we've three LM pieces up here already, I thought I'd get ready and think about what I'd need and how to organize. Before the potential deluge.

Part of getting ready was, by my measure, to copy the link to each story. So I could, from my desktop, jump directly into each story's post rather than click around the site.

I'm a inveterate data fiend -- again, that past life -- so I think strangely

Here's my header for one of the entry' scoring stubs...

WF August 2021 Literary Manuevers The Muttering Sophosopher [1] @bdcharles 650 words [2021-08-09 1317] https://www.writingforums.com/threads/literary-maneuvers-august- 2021-picture-prompt.195078/post-2363257

See how the link to the story broke when it wrapped? That's my bad.

I didn't notice that glitch and I clicked the now-corrupt partial link.

And there was 404 and delight and Oh hey look what I found!

Then I poked at the address line somemore to see if it happened all the time. (Hence the hacked-up fragment that neither exists nor goes anywhere)

Sorry about that.

The site is fine, is awesome, in fact.

But. But. Since the attention is here. Here's a rhetorical question erupting from no one but my past: Why does that corrupt link up there lead to a fancy funny 404 page, but other corrupt links (which I am unable to reproduce right now, for some reason)(yes I fiddled about in the address bar because, well, I breathe) sometimes lead instead to a different plain white bread boring 404 page without the animation? No reply necessary. Just passing along a userasshole-created UX anomaly.​

My apologies to whomever is hovering over the server logs, worrying.

All's well. And I will stop hacking the address bar.

And, when there's something that looks like a technical problem, I'll surely give Heads-Up over in Tech Central