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Zal Kopp

Doubly presented in you

On a colorful poster of infinity of thought, the infinity of sound of colors, with a dance of light, it shows us a dream of our space and time. We are sure when we move on tiny moves of our thoughts. We come to every corner of the feelings and with pictures we fill out our wishes. Pictures always existed in us. We feel them in a special way, and at the same time with it we are doubly presented in you. On the places that we are and on the places that we feel. We are reachable on the see, on the mountains and smiley sunflowers. In the pictures we are adventurer, investigator, the great lovers, inflexible artist and powerful architect. We belong to the high stars in the sky. Bathed with a sun, prisoners of the fog, we are all and everywhere reachable.

When the picture, that we painted and presented the world in our own hands, is ready to be framed, we are actually giving evidence of our selves. The voice inside in us is not week like the voice that we use daily and cover our true state. With that we witness the past and present and at the same time we show the future that we have the knowledge.

The look is a window that our thought are flying through and come back there were we want to be. They are looking for inspiration and they don’t admit to the world the real reality. They don’t pay attention to limited and familiar movement. For them sensitive point of our touches are more important. While our thoughts are experiencing they are changing atmosphere and taste of the time. If they are strong, they switch day and night, so that we don’t have to be rained with from a mad sky. At the other side, not used to it, the thoughts often are trying to find a place under the sun. Sometimes because of that they go crazy, and sometimes they are quiet. The games that we accepted at the beginning, the once that we have most trust in it, in most cases it is the easiest way. However, many times we were failed from the game, that we were forced to choose for the deserved present. We are the witnesses of the drawing. We have feeling that our life that we are not happy with is talking back to us all the time. That is why we copy all the time, because we think that our original drawing is not real. Continuously we fake our behaviors and habits. We dress up with a smile that does not suit us. While we walk down the streets, we think of the reasons, and we are sitting in strange places. We wanted to be seen, but not recognized and not special. In these thoughts, the thoughts without ideas, we come close to something that does not belong to us, and it doesn’t tell who we are, where we come from and who do we belong to.

Our street, with the endless streets, is offering us the portraits of the life. Because your streets are pointed in life, like in a gallery that gives the little tubes of colors, and because of that we recognize the hope for our week human darkness. We look at you daily, and you are happy and you enjoy like an endless rainbow of our dreams.

We discover you together with you, the long hidden secret of our talents, which we in shame show it to you. You know that is different when we are around the table, but it is easier to wander off than to get lost between directions and regulations. We need you, because our peace does not recognize bureaucracy of regulations for life.

Zal Kopp
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Zal Kopp

Strong witness of enthusiasm

Another year went by and the moments of relaxation are more valuable. Its duration is always in a fight with our wishes for the new. In a fight of wanting and possibilities, this last possibility, is always at los. We gave presents and we were happy when we received them. Sometimes we kissed someone in a shame, and because of that we were never kissed enough. How to move on now? What to bring in a Year that is in front of us and what to expect from it?

January needs hope. The weather in January most affects string in our hearts. Times of moving and quietness in our hearts, these times are the loudest time. We are dressed up in a strong witness of the time that we do not realize our clear steps. Like we are from the glass, and we walk careful and slow on the streets.

February is in an old and usual way, cold and untouchable. Gray and it acts very serious. Unavoidable for humans or cats. We shiver with cold when we think that February is coming. With a pleasure we would fly over its small days, but we can’t. Sometimes February does us the favor. It slows our wishes, but at the same time it brings us far away from the past year that we were not happy with. It reminds us that we have to go on and we do not have to go right at the beginning. When February starts, it brings the days where we can be sure that the laziness will disappear.

Now at least the long expecting March. In March the tree doesn’t sleep, neither is awake. A March from it self is very unclear month. Its color is yellow large and free, which rises up our curiosity. Everyday offers a new challenge. It wakes up in us the relaxation and feelings for understating.

April is here. Finally orange colors. Fertile glittery and very festive. It brings peace with our soul, because we are closer to the target and farther from the beginning. Big people have no right to the small hearts. That is how is your heart in April, my city! Sky blue and fascinating! In your calmness our steps are going through the March very still.

Blue color of May is very pleasant. It seems so far but we are still honest and true to it. We enjoy it quietness. It calms down and promise. It fills in us the need for the warm quietness. Only because of us, the May is not expecting us, is welcoming us with a wide open hands. In it the passion is still weak, but awake and ready for May, for the happy month of red colors. Now we are more near to the nature, honest to our selves and closer to the possibility. Disburden from many wishes which we left accidentally or on purpose in past months.

Half way is already behind us, but still the end of the year is not near, the year where we leave the boring tiredness. We let June lead us in and we give into its golden touches. Life in June is sweet. Unacceptable smiles on our streets. With red cheeks offers us well being and happiness. River Drava and its waves are starting to be part of us. We are all yours, and ready to take August with a hands wide open.

August! When August comes with a green color of immortality, it takes with it shadow of memories. With our hearts and souls, we belong to August. Our steps are most loud between the stars. At the same time we are walking with you and the skies. We discover in our selves that we have enough love for everyone. Even though the taste of August is the longest in our mind, but sweet September slowly and sure comes to our mind. Abundant with its juices, strengthens our passion. Thirsty we are swallowing its sunny height.

We didn’t satisfy our thirst yet, and slowly the silver is coming. It brings us in the eternal secret circle of death and life. Short dream is interrupted by reality and our expectations are faded with pink color of October. The year is behaving like it is not at the end, but still not over. November and December are smartly still in it, and do not think of showing up. With dignity slows cold wind. Prepares the table of our rich effort , because when we are there, in the moment will take away our look from far spreading unknown year, which is already dressed up and waiting in the firmness witness of the time.

Zal Kopp