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Oscar Wilde and Pomegranates. (1 Viewer)


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Anyone who has read a bit of Oscar Wilde might have noticed the imagery of the pomegranate several times. People's lips are like pomegranates. Colors remind him of pomegranates. The House of Pomegranates

This made me curious. Did he just really like pomegranates, or was there something else to it? I took the liberty of emailing the official Wilde site, which is run by his grandchildren. They have most of his history and his family albums. I asked them what they thought of this, and if they had any information as to why the fruit was often referred to. Was it just something of the times? Did he just like them? Was there some other meaning behind them?

I got a lovely letter back, which, in two sentences of professionaly put together words basically said 'Uhm...I dunno...' And that was it. No suggestions as to what it meant ,what they thought it meant, or any other places to look for information. This really bothered me.

Can anyone here help me out, or even take an educated guess?


oscar wilde my personal jesus

Its an interesting concept that any fruit could take hold of someone so eccentric and captivated his stories one simile at a time. Perhaps the image is accidental, an authors last meal or a particular anecdote that struggled with impassivity, somehow lost in memory. Surfacing in my own thoughts are the fact that he's a human! things float up. Maybe its shcoking to realize that Jesus was human, and so was O.W. A complete obnoxious rebel, but human.


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Well, Wilde's writing -- and certain stories of his life -- suggest he was something of a hedonist. Pleasures of the eye, the stomach, and certainly the flesh.

The pomegranate is a fruit rich with sensual tradition. It's long been used in many cultures as a sort of aphrodisiac, and has even been incorporated into wedding-day feasts by some Slavic cultures (and maybe others -- I don't know). Its specific function in these ceremonies is as a pre-wedding-night treat for the groom, since its purported effects are similar to, say, Viagra.

Not saying this has anything to do with Wilde's pom fetish, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Kimberly Bird

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Ham, I was going to say the same thing but in a different thought form of course. You hit the nail I think. To me pomegranates represent passion, sex, mystery..... Frued believed that everything stemmed from passionate urges....



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Thanks very much. :D It is greatly appreciated. That was bothering me for the longest time.

And he was an obnoxious rebel, but he was still so damn sexy...