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Ordering one copy of your work from Lulu (1 Viewer)


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I heard about Lulu from this site and after research found it to be an excellent site. I have a short novel I have written which is on a USB key. I had often thought of printing out the pages to have a print copy but never got round to it.

But Lulu actually makes you a book! Without publishing it for the public (you select private access) you choose a cover design and binding option. I have just ordered one and it cost me 11 dollars. Unfortunately as I live in Switzerland the shipping and handling cost me a further 10 dollars, but honestly I think that is worth it! Naturally I can't get too excited until it arrives (in 5 to 7 days) but I just think it is going to be so call to put my 'book' on my bookshelf with the others and that it won't look out of place :)

So for 21 dollars total I will have my story in a regular looking book in my house. That I can show others (a few others, it's a personal project so only a few people actually)

Maybe I am silly but I think that's cool :)) I guess I should add that in Switzerland to do that with a bookbinder would have cost a fortune. I will keep you posted as to what it was like (quality etc) when it arrives.



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The one thing with using a self-publishing company like LuLu is that you need to make sure that you get the formatting right or your project will not look right. But as long as that is done it is a nice site.


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I've used Lulu for that purpose several times. Very satisfying. Also very nice if you want a paper copy to flip through and mark up, or pass out to friends to mark on.

I've also gathered many of my poems into neat little books there, just for my own keeping. Crappy stuff from high school, decent stuff from college, etc. Better than just digital backups, and much more fun to flip through.


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exactly j.w.olsen - I am happy that someone feels the same way! I am really looking forward to having a couple of 'my' books on my shelf! And also that you can design the cover entirely yourself and it's 11 dollars total (plus shipping) v. cool :))))


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Lulu also has some of the nicest and most helpful customer service people I've ever encountered, FWIW.


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I've had the same idea for years, except I'm thinking about using CreateSpace. Hmmmm. . . Methinks I'll be checking out Lulu, now.
i've basically noticed here that people from america like createspace better, while the rest of the world prefers lulu.