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Ordering Books via Amazon .com v .uk etc (1 Viewer)


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I always order my Kindle books via Amazon.co.uk. I just found a book I was looking for but when I tried to order it was only available on Amazon.com so if I've understood correctly I can't order unless I set up another account (which I'm not prepared to do). Does it cost authors more to list on both sites? I ask because whenever we order Amazon book deals of the day are available on both.

Limiting your books to .com could this potentially discourage UK readers?
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When I publish, the last screen gives me the option of which international sites to include the book on. They're all checked by default and I leave them that way. It costs nothing to publish and have your book listed on any Amazon site.


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As a UK resident, I just get asked to click a box if I want to exclude it from any territories. I click no and it gets sent up to all amazon .whatever sites.

You can choose how much you wish to list your book for at each individual version of Amazon, and the cut is always the same. So if you're buying it from amazon.com and the author listed their book from another country, then you know he/she listed the price themselves and is getting the same percentage of the royalties as they do from all the other sites they listed at. Same goes for if you're buying from an amazon that you aren't native to. It all gets currency converted from the country it was bought in.

But yeah, Amazon makes it so easy to list your book in other countries I cant personally understand why you wouldn't, but I imagine someone has a good reason.

Darren White

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Be aware that books ordered from a Kindle store other than the one you originally bought your Kindle plus books, will result in it not being compatible.
I know this, because I ordered my Kindle in the US and am unable to add books from the UK to it. Or use UK gift cards to buy books in the US. They won't accept them.