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Orange Magic Challenge officially closed/ended (my introduction to this group) (1 Viewer)


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Me October 2010.jpg

I'll try to tell this in as few words as possible, and this is just the part that's directly affecting me.

That one bunch of waggish bacon-bathers succeeded in pranking that one kid to death. They got away with it. (What do I care? Like he was nice to me? Sheesh!) Then one of them started acting like he was trying to beat some kind of rap; I don't know what it involves and I don't want to know. This is just via someone else I had kept in touch with, and I told that person I didn't care and it was a waste of time to wonder what was going on, it was probably just one of those elaborate guilt trips that some of those homebound gamer guys get because they flirted with some 14-year-old kid they were playing WoW on the LAN with—I mean, how much trouble can a guy get in who goes out of the house maybe once a week, and that's just to go down the block to the gas station for some Mountain Dew…?

I guess he thought I had something on him or he was trying to find out if I had something on him; not really sure about that part either, but that's my best guess. So then these other couple of guys started acting all like, "Hey how's it going? Long time no see! What are you up to?" and so on.

I was of course suspicious, but I was also bored. Curiosity killed the cat, and so on. Even the internet gets boring after awhile—it's a really big club, way bigger than any you've ever belonged to before, but eventually you start running into the same people over and over again, just like with any club. So if somebody I know starts acting like SOMETHING'S UP, it can be at least a mild amusement, and at best an adventure. (And if worse comes to worst, there's always the "block" button, something that doesn't exist in real life unless you count that Smith and Wesson in your handbag, dear Reader! And the internet way of "blocking" someone is much less messy, with fewer consequences. Viva la internet! Viva!!)

Anyway, moving on: Once that brain-damaged skater guy was included in the mix, however, things really started to change fast. Agents like that are always, ALWAYS a double-edged weapon. (I tried to tell em that, but do they listen to me?) Anyway, it was only then that I started to realize the scope of what was being brought against me. I mean, scope in the sheer numbers of people, not in the degree of organization. I highly doubt that there's much organization in it anymore, especially at this point, since I caused them to lose their biggest backer. They shouldn't have gone there, but they did. Money talks and so on, and when money stops talking, the silence can be downright deafening.

But there's one of them that I've seen, and I know I'm not going to be able to stay here indefinitely. That's ok; Smudge and Lenny and their friends have been extremely kind to me, and I certainly don't want to bring any trouble on them, especially that kind of trouble. Smudge seems very amenable to having some fun at this point in his life, as he's spent some time up until now being a hard-working drone and has that wondrous thing the rest of us can only dream about
: Good Credit! and as mentioned in my blog he has an awfully nice truck. Put a camper shell on that sucker and me, Smudge, Bentley, Divot the Cat, Charlie Cockatoo, and the doves are ready for adventure.

Anyway, I hereby declare my Orange Magic Challenge to be officially closed. Since 2006, when I started the Challenge, I have spent only 16 hours in jail, and that was in the drunk tank; I was not charged with anything. Helmut, who lived with me for about two and a half months in 2009, could have won the challenge but he apparently chose not to. (That makes up for an awful lot of his prickishness. But on the other hand it may only have been because he was too dumb to figure out how to find or unlock the files in question. That boy was smart in a lot of ways, but oh-so-dumb in so many others. In any case, that was the closest anybody got.) I guess it was really foolhardy for me to start the Challenge, but see my remarks about boredom, above.

This seems like a very nice forum. There are some very creative and talented people here, and I can tell the moderators and admins are dedicated and sincere in their desire to have a quality website where people from all over the world can discuss writing.

Writing is about the most fun you can have inside the house, or at least it is in my opinion.

Would I continue to write if I knew for sure none of my work would ever see publication!?

What do you think, dear Reader?

There are lots of other things I like to do. I have a motorcycle, though currently I'm so broke I STILL can't get the back tire replaced:

July 2008 220321196549.jpg

That's cool though because A) right now there's snow all over the ground, so can't ride, and B) Smudge was inspired by my example and decided to get a bike, too, an old Yamaha. I've been teaching him how to ride on the weekends. (I used to not like Yamahas much, but I have to say I'm really impressed with the top-end power this small motor has. It moves out like a lot bigger bike!) (NOTE: The bike in the picture is my bike, and no—it's not a Yamaha. The bike Smudge just bought is a Yamaha. I just wanted to make that really clear before I started getting PMs correcting me, to wit: "You bloody fool/moron/a$$clown/dork/butthead, you not only have the nerve to claim a skill you clearly don't and cannot have--unless your claim to be a female is false, haha!--that of being able to ride a motorcycle, but you also present an image of what is obviously a Honda, stating that it is a Yamaha. HAHA! PWN!!!") (Of course I'll probably get them anyway, now that I think about it.)

I also like to be outdoors and to be around animals and trees. There is plenty of both around here! (Are plenty of both? Um... is plenty... are plenty... sorry, I guess I need some more coffee....)

Here's a picture of Charlie Cockatoo that I took over the summer right after we first moved in here:

Charlie C at Smudge's house June 2010.jpg

That thing Charlie's perched on is an old rustic style settee that is outside; Smudge gave it to Charlie so he could have something to tear up.

This place is super, SUPER nice. It looks nothing like that now, but really beautiful with a little bit of snow all over everything. The snow's not melting because it's so cold. The sun's coming up and making the ice crystals on the porch rail blaze with all kinds of diamond-like colors.

Ok, well I guess that seems like a pretty long account but it's actually pretty short if you consider all the side stories that are mixed up in it.

Nice meeting you all! :)

~~~ yours in Chaos, Scarlett