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Opinionated people are arrogant jerks. Constantly telling everyone what they think. They don't even bother to listen to what someone else has to say. Somehow, their opinions are oh-so-special. Somehow, their choices in matters of taste are infinitely better than everybody else's. Whatever they say is supposed to carry more weight than a wrecking ball.

However, I believe in de gustibus non est disputandum - matters of taste are not to be disputed. Especially when it comes to Coke-or-Pepsi dilemmas. Prejudice and bias are terrible faults. Both are devoid of reason and logic. After all, we should all learn torespect everybody, their opinions too, and try everything at least once. Society would be that much closer to Thomas More's Utopia. Damn those opinionated jerks and their inflated craniums. Why can't they be more like me?

That's just what I think.