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One Sentence Plot Synopsis (1 Viewer)


I've seen many places where they say to break your story down into a short one line blurp like you would read in TV Guide. I wrote one out for my NaNo story and thought I would post it. Anyone else care to give it a try with their story.

The Cassiopeia Effect

A hacker discovers a code hidden in the stars that brings the world to its knees and at the mercy of a race so powerful that the very fate of humankind rests in discovering the secrets of The Cassiopeia Effect.
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Selorian, it sounds really intetresting. I'd buy that book.

I don't think I could do it in one sentence maybe a short paragraph.

Sady's life starts to crumble with and unexpected pregnancy and her husbands midlife crisis. She finds her way through with the comfort foods of her childhood.

Sounds like I'm going to have one obese character here.


My ability to complete Nano seems to be falling out of my reach, but despite circumstances, I'll give it a shot...

...so, a summary?

A regular guy winds up in the midst of a gang shooting, is nearly killed, and is forced through a delusionary persona (brought on by fever) to confront who and what he is as a man.


A previously high-spirited young woman faces down all kinds of hells as her life changes completely, she finds a higher purpose to her life, and finds a lover to help her through it.

...I tried anyway.

Oh, and it's called 'Aurora'.


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I'm not sure I can put the concept of my novel into a couple lines. Roughly:

Hank Williams keeps losing time somewhere, and the police are hunting for a serial killer in his area. Has he finally lost his mind?


When a cold blooded murder for hire is brought in to do a quick clean up after an embarrassing corporate scandal goes public he uncovers an ancient conspiracy.

The best I could do in five minutes.


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The Dreaming Blade

A blackened sky and a mysterious dream lead a young woman on a quest to find the gods... And her true self.

There is no romantic sub-story in this piece. None at all.
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Thrill-seeking northerners, led by a determined Englishman, learn about humanity and freedom from the slaves they help to escape.

this sounded a lot better in my head.... but there it is

Ilan Bouchard

Than ten seconds

A ten second clip in which two men pass each other on the street.

(I've been reluctant to say I'll do the NaNo as I'm not sure I'll get enough words out of this. But I shall try.)


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Plane Shifter Chronicles: "Prince of Blood"

The first part of the plane shifter series: Haunus, a senior in high school, is a rebellious student trying to find his place in a fast-paced, high-tech society where its easy to get lost or left behind. One day he runs into a strange man that tells him of the existence of another plane, the other being a fantasy land of old time mystique, Haunus learns that he has the ability to travel between both planes. While caught up in this fantasical get-away, Haunus learns of a dark secret, the Prince of Blood, an incarnation of evil, is manifesting and threatening life on both planes.

thats like 2 or 3 sentences, I think it should be a paragraph challenget :).


I hate these things: And the logical thing would to be to avoid this thread, but oh no, sucker for self-torture can't do that :twisted: So.... *takes a deep breath and starts scribbling*

'Saffire finds herself in a situation where unless she fails to find a way to work through her fears and weakness she faces a future tied in marriage to the bloodthirsty and brutal warlord Torak.'

Bloody hellfire, that took 15 attempts. And it's not even that good or interesting!


As good a place as any for a first post:

The chronicle of 21 life changing days through the eyes of a struggling poet.

It sucks, but it's the best I could do. Haha, have mercy?
The Pantheon's Gate:
An ailing baron assembles an elite group of explorers to bring him the elixir of immortality from beyond this world.


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Oh no, mine is really boring then.

A young man recognises his current relationships stem back to when he was bullied throughout school. So he starts his journey to rid himself of being a 'victim'. The story starts at his work with flashbacks to school and an objective look at his feelings then and now.


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A Black Betrayal. Book One of the Cycle of Celtic Kings Trilogy.

Usurpation and deceipt wait around every corner, can the new High King ever bring the five Kingdoms of Eire together to combat the raiding forces from across the sea? The legendary warrior band 'the Fianna' join forces with the mysterious Druids to see an end to the corruption and murder tainting the soil of Ireland.