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One of my main characters is just me in a different universe (1 Viewer)


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So I'm writing this Trans Guy who is ALOT like me
I realize he's really me from an alternate universe lol
He represents becoming who I wanna become
A superhero really
Does anyone else do this?
Write a character that is you on purpose?


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The main character in my WIP is an analog of me. He's from a different area of the states, his circumstances are different, his build is different. But he's me.

It's a cheap and easy way to lend an important character some authenticity. And I'm told practically every author does it to some extent whether they're aware of it or not. I doubt very many people can call you out on it, either, unless they know you well enough or you make the character obvious and virtually identical.



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I don't do it on purpose but...

puts on artsy fartsy hat.

Really, all of our characters have at least a little of us in their personalities. At least, I feel, if we're doing it right.

My protags have some of the flaws I struggle with, and the strengths I think I have, certainly that I wish to have. My antags sometimes reflect the things about myself I don't like, or they aim to invoke the things that make me scared or uncomfortable in my life.

Megan Pearson

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Peter S. Beagle once confessed that in his A Fine and Private Place, that his MC was him before he knew how to write characters.

It was a great book when I read it in the early 90s. If you didn't already know Peter you'd never know he wrote himself into the story.


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My main characters are certainly influenced by me, but none of them are demonstrably me. They might occasionally say something I might say, or have an attitude that would remind someone close to me ... of me. However, I'm a software developer who sits at a computer to design interfaces and make business systems nice to use, plus I write fiction. My protagonists are involved in much more stressful and exciting lives than I face. :) Thank goodness!