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Introduction... Hmm

Well, I'm 19 from Manchester, England... sort of.

People generally think I'm a natural 'artist'. Not in the paintbrush and canvas sense... but I play bass guitar so Im quite musical and I've written some poems and some songs/lyrics.

Other than persuing a career in teaching Psychology my biggest ambition is to write a novel... despite how much confussion I'm in about what to write about at the moment haha :scratch:

I've write writing maybe 2 or 3 but nothing ever gotten past the 1000 word mark... I'm not entirely sure why.

I'd love to write some sort of comedy... but I'm paranoid of the idea that a comedic novel has to be funny... else its crap. No in between.

So I hope you more experienced writers/posters can channel me in the right direction towards achieving my ambition. :grin:


Maybe I didnt word that particularly well.

I don't want to write a punchline... I feel I've got it in me to write something less serious.

I love Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series and the pure silliness of them.


Probably more in the realms of Guide to the Galaxy.

Either way I enjoy reading a story that can make me laugh more than anything whether it be satirical or just plain silliness. Its that kind of book I intend to create.


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You shouldn't...

You're only 19.
You don't know what the fuck you want to write- you admited as much- and that's a good thing.

I was 14, wanted to write a novel.
Bah. A year later, and I doubt I'll ever try.


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Hi there, and welcome to Writing Forums. Just follow your instincts; most of the time they lead you the way to better things.