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Once Upon an Octopus (fractured fairytales) (1 Viewer)


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Once upon an Octopus

While swimming alongside a shiver of sharks in
the warm waters of the Pacifica--- a pair of
Octopi happened upon us. They were the largest
and most ferocious looking octopuses this side
of the ocean blue~

The male of the pair- or- so I assumed it to be
since I wasn’t in a position for a better look-
wrapped its large tentacles around Charlene
the Great White. Being that she was a dear personal
friend of mine I took great offense at this unprovoked

I directed the rest of frenzy to keep the female
Octopus occupied whilst I tried to pry the
tentacles off of Charlene’s body. Let me tell you that
this was no small feat. Charlene was twenty five feet
long--- with a set of teeth that could bite through diamond
and yet this behemoth was five times her size--- with tentacles
the size of massive tree trunks. He was squeezing the
life out of her~

I pleaded for him to release her or face the consequences
of My wrath. I swore that I would exterminate all of their
kind throughout all the oceans of the world if he did not
release her unto my arms alive and intact…

Meanwhile Charlene’s sharks where engaged in battle
with the female goliath. They were covered in ink and stink
but managed to keep her at bay making her unable to unite
her might with her mate. Divide and conquer was the battle
plan so I took out my fiddle and played~

Drops of ink sweat poured out from his skin and tears filled
his eyes. It finally dawned on him what and who I was.
As I played I grew to equal height of the giant octopus
so that I can stare at him eye to eye. I really don’t like showing
off like this or showing the full weight of my power but the
foolish giant left me no choice- those that I love are protected
beyond measure~

He released Charlene and begged for my forgiveness. I left
it up to Charlene. I gave her the choice of forgiving the pair
and letting their kind survive or burning them and their lot
to ashes~

Charlene smiled and bared her teeth….
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Great tale!

Titles are difficult to change, but at the head of the poem, you could change 'a' to 'an', since octopus begins with a vowel.


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What a great ending! I am left wondering about those teeth and whether they showed because of her smile or because of something sinister...