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Once Upon a Horse (fractured fairytales) (2 Viewers)


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Once Upon a Horse

I used to be a man with two hands
and two stout legs---I miss them sometimes
but I’d rather walk and run on all four limbs,
for I do prefer hooves over dirty hands and smelly
feet. I’d rather whinny as a horse than whine
as a human boss. I like the taste and smell of
grass and the feel of mud beneath my horseshoed
feet. No more bunions or gout that always
made me scream and shout while I lied in bed
wishing I was not living--- but dead. I now live
in a stall and I’m having a ball~ with plenty of hay,
and tons of fun--- that fills my carefree day.

It’s just so damn good to be a horse…


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Senior Mentor

I can see you have written a few 'Once Upon a' poems. Well done.

Reading very literally, as I ocasionally do, I would be interested in a series:
Once Upon a . . .
Twice Upon an . . .
Three Times Upon a . . .

That doesn't mean the characters need to meet, though they might.