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On the Mercy of a Spider (fractured fairytales) (1 Viewer)


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On the Mercy of a Spider

“Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!”said the fly to the spider, “I still got a lot of living to do.”

The spider eyed the fly with a bit of disdain and said,

“Why should I spare a heartless fool like you? I saw what you did to that lovely fly that flew and died in the big cat’s eye. You broke her heart, made her cry, turned your back on her, and dared her to die. Now it’s your turn to die, but it will be slow and painful as I eat you alive, while you’re awake and paralyzed. Times up, my putrid little friend, your life is about to end.”

“You got it all wrong” said the fly, “It was she who had an affair with another fly and it was she who broke my heart. I needed time to forgive her but she only saw my pain. She couldn’t forgive herself, consumed by guilt and remorse; she decided to commit suicide, by diving into that great Lion’s Eye.”

“I don’t believe you,” said the spider, “and even if I did, it still was you, who was the cause of her demise. She was a friend and surely you are not.”

“We have children,” said the sobbing fly,” they already lost their mother; don’t take their father away from them too.”

“You sniveling buggy bug thug, your maggots are no concern of mine. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go hunt them down and have them for dessert. Hold still now, while I sprinkle you with a little salt,” said the hungry spider.

He who was once a mighty fly, who led armies of warrior flies to many victories, was a victim of his own deceitful nature and infidelities. He was now yesterday’s food and today’s fecal matter....

Note: this is my favorite as well as my last one to date. I'm sure you're all relieved that these fractured fairytales have gone on vacation but My beastie series will now be inflicted upon you- they are anxious to get into your head