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On a White Pelican Flight (1 Viewer)


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On a White Pelican Flight

It is a memory, yellowed with age
as brittle as it is brilliantly beloved,
an instant of freedom from this cage.

Eyes on the sky as the wind still bites,
in search of a glimpse, the ghostly hint,
of great white wings tracing the heights.

As steady and true as the Turtles’ round
as the sap rises and flaming leaves fall,
their song a whisper of feathered down.

And it is with them I ask you let me go,
when the hills bleed in the fading light,
to soar with the pelicans bright as snow—

Do not grieve for what should have been
just look up, keep a weathered eye open
for that glinted white, a song begun again.

Always on the White Pelican Flight,
hope and peace are a beacon bright…


Senior Member
Beautiful. Love the structure and rhyme scheme.

The images wash over me, gently but arresting. Can almost feel the wings beating rhythmically beneath it all.
There is a melancholy to the piece, but it seems to conclude positively.

At least that's My reaction! :)

PS Turtle - Pratchett?


Poetry Mentor
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This poem is so.... elegant... the imagery, mood and message is handled with elegant gentleness, and I love that this has a subtle different vibe and for me, felt very intimate and personal... like a Eulogy ...

4th stanza, I am not going to lie... brought tears to my eyes... this has already been a tough year, losing my Brother... and several close friends... so your poem became personal to me, and that,{ for me,} is all any poet could hope for. right? That our words give comfort to someone else...Thank you, DarKKin, this is unforgettable...