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OMG! Call me crazy... (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
But I shall take it as a compliment \\:D/

ohh dangg!
So, I'm Samantha. Sam for short.
I am...crazy. funny. slightly narcissistic. Sarcastic.
I laugh too much and I smile for no reason-sometimes.

Lately I've been kinda down, but I'm getting better.
My boyfriend helps with a lot of it.

I tell it like it is and if I hurt your feelings, mah bad, you probably deserved it. But let me know if I say something that hurt you, cuz that would make me cry. And I'm an ugly cry-er.

My mother and I are extremely alike.
I ramble.



Imma stop now. Any other questions just ask.


Senior Member
Awww. I feel so lovedd. Thanks guuuuyyysss.

terrib, darling, I thank you. I'm told I am funny.
I suppose I believe it. I do. Believe it. I'm narcissisic enough.
but everybody luv me anywayy.

What picture? In my siggy? naww. I didn't make it. But I know how to. This one I didn't though.