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Old Duck With A Little Waddle Left (1 Viewer)

Hi y'all,

This old duck is from South Carolina at present and loving it. I've been writing seriously for the past fifteen years. I'm still on the bottom side of the learning curve, but hope springs eternal. I've been published a few times and won an honorable mention in the Writers Digest Short Story Contest of 2007. I write mostly suspense/thriller type prose, although I've delved into other genres as well. I can give of the experience I've accumulated over the years and hope I can learn a thing or three from all you great folks here at Writing Forums. Thanks for having me, rainy.
Hello rainy!!

Welcome to the forum... you are a country man, are you not?? I've been to SC a few times.. mostly around Myrtle Beach... I live about four hours away... But in North Carolina.... Anyways, i hope we can teach you as much as we hope to learn from you!!!



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welcome rainy, know SC very well. I'm 20 minutes over the state line. Not now, but I will be in three weeks. Glad to have you.
Many Thanks

Thank you to "The girl left behind," Shinn and Terrib, appreciate the warm welcome. I do indeed hope I can gain some knowledge from those inhabiting these forums. I've recently moved from Hendersonville, NC to Aiken, SC for those other Carolinians interested. We love the area and plan to go toes up right here. rainy


Hiya, Rainy!

You sound like you've got some good writing experience. I enjoy suspense/thriller writing, too, and have been nibbling at the edges of the genre(s) adding doses of sci-fi, intrigue and/or humor as the mood arises.

Welcome from a Pennsylvania Yankee.

And many more thanks to Nickie, Foxee, and Hawke for your warm welcome. I do have a little experience, but oh, so much more to learn. Living SC and loving it. rainy