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old continuing the war in the middle east essay for skool (1 Viewer)


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The Task

Do you constantly fear that the person next to you might be a suicide bomber? Are you anxious every time you start your car for dreading it might explode? Do you wake up in the morning with a hunger so sharp and a thirst so scorching that you will even eat dirt and drink the sweat dripping off your face? Do you pray to God that your son or daughter might grow up to have a safe home and not live your horrible, unclean life?
Those are the fears, the needs, and the lives of the poor, suppressed, forsaken people of the Middle Eastern countries plagued by terrorist groups. America should continue to wage the war on terrorism, not just for the future safety of our people, but for the hope of ascendance to freedom and a second chance for the meek children of the Middle East.
People think that the enemies are already dealt with and long gone. Wrong! Out of many, there is a very dangerous terrorist group operating as you read this paper. Hezbollah, free to operate mostly in Lebanon, and having strong ties with Syria and Iran, is responsible for countless terrorist actions. They supply weapons to, and influence the Palestinians to conflict against Israel in the form of terrorism with the use of suicide bombings, car bombings, and drive-byes. The Israelis can do nothing to prevent, only retaliate. Hezbollah is the main catalyst for the Middle Eastern conflict. But Hezbollah isn’t the only the only terrorist group, there are over 30.
If we don’t finish this war on terrorism, it will not go away. Think of it as a virus. If you make a virus weak but not eliminate it, it will become immune to your method of attack, adapt to your defenses, and become nearly impossible to fight off in the future. When we leave some terrorist groups to survive, they learn from their mistakes, get better technology, and grow in quantity just like the virus.

Many feel that this war is taking too much money. It takes an inconceivable amount of money to occupy and function in our own country, let alone to occupy and function in 2 others as well. Our Military will not be occupying the foreign countries for long. But, if we leave too soon, some other dictator, terrorist regime, or even splinter groups will come back and send those countries back into the darkness. The newly freed people of these countries don’t yet understand the concept of democracy and capitalism so we need to teach them and help them to get started in the right direction.

Much of the populace of our country also feels that this war on terrorism is claiming too many lives. Yet if we don’t continue, and let the darkness of terrorism creep back all over the Middle East, there will be many more deaths in the future. Even if America doesn’t stay on the offensive, the terrorists will still attack America, and take a lot more lives than there are being put into this war. If we wait to do something about it in the future, when the Middle Eastern terrorists become a threat again, and then even more lives will be taken in a senseless struggle between barbarianism and the civilized world, in which the Superpower only trims off the top with symbolic surgical strikes. If we stop terrorism now while we can get rid of it, it will save the life of many, and deeply impact the lives of children for generations to come.

Those who oppose the war (or even the continuation of it) have many reasons for their opinion. Either it is the fact that this war claims lives, takes much money, and that we don’t have the backing of many countries. What would they say many years from now when this happens again? Only eliminate the faulty minded martyr that successfully carried out his plan to affect the life of someone they loved? Leave all others that create this evil too, untouched? Let the same thing happen again many years after that? We must end the threat now and forever.
The war on terrorism includes attacking the enemy, occupying countries that are suppressed by terrorism, keeping them free, and defending our country from any threat.
Here is the world when terrorism is at its optimum:

There are bugs and cameras everywhere; in your house, in your car, at work, on the way to work, and even on you. The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is no longer in effect. Every facial expression other than solemnity is banned. There is no independent thinking. There is no trust, even between family members. Names have been lost to numerical identification. The people know nothing but their job and basic comprehension. There is no free economy. There are military police on every corner because privacy has become illegal. This reality is the epitome of paranoia. Freedom is dead and suppression lives on. Do we want this to happen to us? This alternate reality may seem far fetched but can happen. We must not let it happen. Do you now believe this war is worth continuing?
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you sure posted a slew of stuff!... thought i'd mention that, if you don't get any/many comments, it may be due to not separating your paragraphs... most of us don't read material in great, solid blocks, so you may want to go back and edit all these posts and insert line spaces where you had paragraph breaks...

hugs, maia