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off-off-Broadway style craziness (1 Viewer)

An excerpt from TRUST! LASH! CLAMOR!
The play by Wolf Larsen
Warning: This is probably the most bizarre play ever written!

Everyone on stage begins their individual dance to Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. Meanwhile, everyone in the audience is handed a noose to hang themselves with. The actors turn into automobiles and the automobiles begin turning the audience members into mice and the mice and the automobiles begin screaming to the machetes – CLENCED! RELENTLESS! GLARE! - - - MULTIPLYING! RAVING! BUSY!
Then you said: “leAkiNg haPpinesS! ruPtuRing happiNess! blEedinG hapPinEsS!
A blank sheet of paper said: “The ciTies are cRaShiNg! All the mOons anD sunS are faLling-aNd-fAlliNg-anD-falLinG On uS!
The SUN walks into the room and presents everyone with the Pacific Ocean
A fish said: “Grab at all the despair and frustrations and failed dreams within yourself, everyone in the audience create anabstract sculpture of yourself with a thousand eyes when you get home tonight!
Suddenly all the male cast members are in prison for using drugs other than caffeine and alcohol and the stronger cast members begin rape-ing the weaker cast members
A little child says: “Audience! loOk iNto the miRrOr toNigHt! See your face as a desert and you’re walking across that desert! See tEn-thOusaNd baRbariAns eAting tHrough youR brAins everY momEnt of yOur eXistence!
A woman whose husband has just given her a black eye: “At this moment my husband is like thousands of knives cutting through my head! Audience! What do we need husbands and wives for? LET US BEGIN THE ORGIES NOW! – the orgies that shall overrun all the countries of the earth!
A skeleton that has died of AIDS: Orgy! Orgy! Orgy!
THe entiRe cAst: “ORGY! ORGY! ORGY!
A worm crawling underground in a LOUD VOICE: Orgy! Orgy! Orgy!
THe entiRe cAst: ORGY! ORGY! ORGY! – as they are chanting they begin taking their clothes off and they begiN daNciNg pEeling anD haMmering tO louD mAchiNery. During the rioting dance an audience member is led on stage and slaughtered and stuffed into a cooking pot.
A passing cloud says: “Eat the audience!
The entire audience: ----------------------censored---------------------------------------!
Your drug dealer says: My minD is a pLace wherE Anton Weber rUles likE a diCtator buT oNly when all tHe liQuor botTles on thE shelF aRe wrIting sLashing poetry all oveR the sKin of yoUr cOrpse! My mind is a place where gigantic mountains of cocaine begin sprouting up on the island of manhattan (a word dipping into all the yellow and blue of the sky before it explOdes on the page). My mind is a place where Hieronymus Bosch continuously paints his nightmares hollering and raving!
The cop shooting a bullet breathing and clawing through your brains says: “You must eat and drink paint!You mUst starE and stAre aT your oWn facE for enDless daYs of whitE sky. You must spit and scowl at your fellow man! YOU MUST SPIT AND SCOWL AT YOUR FELLOW MAN!
A womaN wHo juSt gOt thE reSults foR her AIDS tesT sAid: “What is the sun?
A young black man bleeding to death on the sidewalk said: “BUILD! BUILD! BUILD!
The entire cast: “TEAR DOWN! TEAR DOWN! TEAR DOWN!
An aLcOhOlIc tAkInG hEr fIrSt dRiNk in 11 yEaRs sAiD: “I was walking through my mind and I found thousands of jail cells each filled with millions of screaming-howling men, I FOUND thousands OF naked BODIES burning AND starve-ing and WHISPERING together IN my MIND, I found hundreds and hundreds of psychiatric patients crowding and yearning and screaming in my head.
Copyright 2001 by Wolf Larsen.
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huh?... not any kind of producable/performable play script, by any means, what the heck is this supposed to be?
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