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I have been working on a series (if you will) of books constantly for the last 6 years. No previous project has ever taken me this long, and I suspect I would have finished it by now if I just stoped changing it around so damn much.

I doubt I'm alone in this scinario, there has to be at least one of you reading this who knows what it's like to have solid concept, but have absolutly no idea how you want to present it. Well last night around 11:30 Eastern everything seemed to click, and after 10 consecutive hours of writing, I have arived at the other end of the maze.

If you're interested in my writing, or just want to talk to someone serious about writing, message me any time.

So, my name is Rob, and without writing I don't know who I would be.


Hello and welcome to the community, Rob. Congratulations on finishing your series. Enjoy!


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Hi and welcome to the forum Rob :)

Congratulations on getting your series completed.

~ Shinn


The Maze

Well, Rob, I commend you on finishing your work. Many people can start a book, but it takes a special person to finish one. Welcome to WritingForums :santa: