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Well, it's not obligatory, but I thought I'd take the forumbot's suggestion :) .

I have a strong writing background, but my background in fiction writing specifically is lacking, hence I am here. I would like to enhance that background. I have a wealth of ideas for fiction stories, as I'm sure everyone does, and I get excited about them, but to this point in my writing "career", I have not mustered the ability to churn those ideas into palatable prose. In a nutshell, that's why I'm here, to gain and enhance my ability to do that through receiving and providing feedback. Cheesy introductory post, yes, and if I have bored you for 45 seconds of your life...Sorry, but you're the one who clicked here :) .

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Welcome to the forums! Just write every day and over time you will notice your writing getting better and better. If you need any help/criticism, I'm sure forumgoers will be glad to help you out. :)


Obligatory welcome reply. ;)

What kind of stories are you writing? Genre stuff, or mainstream fiction?