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Notice - Trip to Medna Hospital - Red footwares (2 Viewers)

(Hi. I am here to practice my business communication by googling random pictures then try to write memos/ emails/ short paragraphs about getting people to do stuffs. Critques are appreciated :))

Dear colleagues,
I am happy to announce that we are given the green light for our trip this Saturday (14th July) to visit Medna Hospital. Our department will represent Le Refresh to raise awareness about heart health.

Pick-up time is 7:30AM at bus stop no. 142 just before our main gate. We will travel by our chartered 40-seat bus so expect limited luggage space.
Purchase team please kindly prepare and distribute breakfast once we start moving. Take care to pick something seniors can enjoy since Mr. Kuzic will be joining us.

Important note: we are all required to wear our work uniform to project a professional image. Red footwares are also mandatory to celebrate international cardiovascular day. High heels are okay as long as they do not make too much noise on wooden floors.

At the end of the trip, let us take a group picture with the board of directors of the hospital. This is our main point of publicity so kindly gather at the main gate by 10:30AM for the camera.

Any requests or concerns, please contact me or Mr. Lou Izzz.
Nice weekend all
Best regards

(Closed up picture of a cactus)

[Biz development] Pizza loan default Guideline

Dear all employees of Pizza King Albuquerque,

Since the launching of "Pizza loans - pay over 6 months " in Aug 2021, almost 20% of all new installment orders have been defaulted.
Corporate is aware that lack of penalties might be main cause for this.

Effective immediately, this is the company's official guideline to help reduce all the dine-and-dash:
  • Ask questions: Order staff can ask any customer why they are not paying upfront and/or how, when they are going to pay for their pizzas. If answers are not satisfactory, staff can deny service.
  • Blacklisting: store managers are to keep records of customers who missed their payment. Serious cases can lead to banning specific phone numbers/ addresses from further business.

Our business development team will managing this guideline. For now, let us stay positive. Our brand is almost always community's favorite with the police often being regulars.
Contact business team for further info at: [email protected]

Thank you for your time
Best regards


Senior Member
I think it is a good decision on your part, to practice your business communication skills.

That said, I'll admit to being a bit confused about what it is exactly that you are trying to convey.

1. Red shoes are mandatory? That seems a bit of a stretch for any company. And, if noisy footwear is prohibited, why show a picture of what has to be, the exact opposite of what you want?

2. Cactus, to pizza, to loans...I'm lost.

What is a satisfactory answer? Does tone matter, looks, etc....? I'm sure you'll find out soon enough, but you are looking at a world of problems if you deny service for some but not others. Be more precise.

I suggest you read them both out loud, run both through a spell check, and keep practicing.