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Norse Mythology (1 Viewer)

Kira the wanderer

Senior Member
Lately I've been really looking into some ancient Norse Myths, the original stories are quite fascinating actually. Ragnarok is particularly interesting at the moment, I would love to find more on it and the gods.

I would consider mythology pretty classic, so I assumed that it would be rather appropriate to ask here if anybody knew of a book which contained the Norse myths in the most closest translation possible. I do not want an interpretation or "retold" version.


Senior Member
I don't know of any definitive collection... I've just been tracking down all the different Sagas. There's a ton of them.

Kira the wanderer

Senior Member
I know of the Prose Edda, the basic bits of the gods, and would love to find a collection of the stories or something. Its kind of hard to look for abook at the library when you do not know what you're looking for. I mean, I have searched for a few things but I do not know if anything I have put on hold will be authentic.

Defiant Rain

I'm into Greek Mythology at the moment, but any mythology is wonderful. I have the encyclopedia of mythology which has a beautiful section on norse mythology that you've just inspired me to read tonight. :)


I wouldn't know of anything besides the Prose Edda that isn't a retelling.

On another note, I actually argued my way into being able to read Norse Mythology for a NON FICTION book report.


Senior Member
I recently got a book for christmas thats like 900 pages long about all sorts of myths. It had Greek, African, European, native American, and Norse mythology. Gotta read my other books before i start that one tho.