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yes im a noob of course and i'm here to help further my education in writing skills. I'll admit to you know my grammar and spelling can be appauling but im getting help

so a little about me before we begin
My names magy =D
My boyfriends Dav
i try and be as nice as i can, iv been told the only time im selfish is when it comes to sweets haha
i have real issues with the way i look, but so do all girls
i don't eat as much as yoo'd think
im amazingly clumsy it does make me laff
and i do like a drink which my mother so kindly buys =] haha
My mom fusses its blates annoing =]
i get ill easy its gay =] and i have no idea what i wana do for my future HA
ohh one other thing im an anime freak =]

yes i really did copy and paste my myspace about me =]:flower: