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Mr. Arson

I am a fiction man, mostly. I like being able to lose myself in unrealistic stories with unrealistic plots, although there is always the grain of truth each fiction is built around. Mainly I like stepping out of the mundane life I lead. But, I now am forced to read a non-fiction book. My request from all of the literature enthusiasts that frequent this forum is a recommendation of a book that will not only be enjoyable, but that might also instill in me a love for non-fiction. Is that too much to ask? Anything may help me. Many Thanks.


Senior Member
I just read "Batavia's Graveyard", by Mike Dash, and it was excellent. It's the story of the bloodiest mutiny in history, over 250 people murdered.


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Naked-David Sedaris

My first recomendation to you--It is witty, funny, sad, and scathing. Highly enjoyable read.

Also, you might try reading a biography of a writer or artist that you really like--or an account of historical event that you find interesting, it may pique your interest.


I suggest United States, by Gore Vidal. He has written over 20 novels, so he is definitely a creative writer. I think for this reason you may appreciate his nonfiction, which is even more entertaining than his fiction. He's a bit pretentious, but he's always witty and very funny. This book is a collection of essays written on a variety of subjects from 1952-1992.

Warning: if you read him, you may find yourself trying to write like him.