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Non-fiction book: Trash Talk (1 Viewer)


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About Trash Talk
ISBN: 1-4137-2518-X / ISBN-13: 978-1413725186

People are constantly bombarded with negative information about the environment and our resources. In Trash Talk, we focus on changing people's mindset to a more open, hopeful and proactive one. We focus on the reuse of "waste" materials and reducing the consumption of resources. Trash talk is written to empower people to feel more positive about their worth as individuals in a hectic, expensive, environmentally stressed world. We show how to make a real and visible difference, while saving money at the same time.
Trash Talk could be an excellent resource in the classroom for recycling, environmental and gardening programs. Educators/caregivers can use the book to teach gardening skills (seed saving, composting, tree planting) and Vermiculture (worm composting) - the students can build their own worm bin and learn from the "worm farm". (Did you know that compost worms (red wigglers) can produce 2,000-9,000 babies annually?) Craft websites are listed for artistic projects using "waste" items. The book could be used as a tool for probing young minds to come up with original reuse ideas or environmental activities that the group can participate in. 140 resources listed at the back of the book will lead educators and individuals to new information and ideas. Trash Talk is at the Grade 10 level of reading, however, in the hands of a teacher the concepts and projects can easily be implemented as early as Grade 4.
Trash Talk has been globally received and locally embraced. Eagle bulletin (South Africa), Conservation and Recycling Journal (Netherlands), Natural Life Magazine (Canada) and Alternatives Magazine (USA) - are some examples of this global support. Trash Talk has had some limited coverage in the UK through both online and print publications including: Warmer Bulletin (July 2004), Scrap Magazine (March/April 2006). Georgina Bloomfield of the UK branch for Friends of the Environment has reviewed the book and heartily recommends it. The most recent exposure in the UK region was in Sept, 2006 with Heavens Promotions Newsletter.

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