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Kyle R

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I just got the official NaNoWriMo companion book (see the title of this thread). It's whimsical and quirky and full of useful advice and inspiration.

With excerpts such as, "If you build it, Kevin Costner will come", "fantasies of screaming, headbanging fans forming mosh pits at our book signings were flitting through our minds", and "there was always the hope that maybe, just maybe, we'd yank an undeniable work of genius from the depths of our imagination", you get a feel of the playful and contagious enthusiasm this book brings.

Now I'm left furrowing my brow and looking at the calendar, wishing November would hurry up and get here so I can tackle my old nemesis, that 50,000 word-count, one more time.

I recommend picking up a copy, if even just to skim through it, if you're planning on doing this year's NaNoWriMo.


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Oh Kyle, you are a braver man than I.... which I don't even feel bad about, cos I'm a girl.

I'll try rejoining you in the fight again this year, although I don't know if I'll resurrect last year's attempt. Better to let it haunt the cloud and my subconscious like a sad, half-baked word-mutant for a while longer... which might even be a good idea for this year's novel.

Maybe picking up a copy will give me the extra inspiration I need. Now if you can just find a way to make a day 73 hours long, we'll be set!
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Does the book actually have practical useful advice or is it just a nicely written pep talk?

Not being snarky; just really curious. I find very few how-to books in our business provide actionable advice, however inspiring they may be otherwise.


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Where do we pick a copy of that up from then?

I'm terrified - but excited too. Scary times!


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i have this book and intend to read it again before nano in november. i don't think there are that many good tips, but a lot of inspiration/motivation. i thought it was a good book and recommend it to anyone who is participating in nanowrimo.