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NO EVIL (Language Warning) (1 Viewer)


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See no more damage
Caused by your heart’s desired fallacies
Them wrestled demons of democracy
They won’t trifle with you anymore

Hear no treacherous prayers
No hopes for a way out of here
Look, you got nothing to worry about
With the air and water I promise you now
No need to spread rumors
Even though they might be true
For this, You will no longer speak
The messy feelings inside of you

I promise y’all a better world
A life worth seeking
Where No evil will be seen or heard
Or even be thought of speaking
No matter how much you riot
I will quiet y’all
And show you how to live your lives
Without questioning it’s cost
To see is to know
To hear is to listen
To speak is to question
Without those, fools!
You’re nothing!


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You’re welcome but please, can you elaborate what you mean by “Them told in no uncertain terms” I’m curious? :3

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I love your message... 2nd stanza is my favorite... there are some people who think if they repeat their rhetoric enough, no one will notice the ship is sinking... Thank you for sharing...


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You’re very welcome. I loved writing it, and being prompted to by a writing prompt during a class I had today. It was all worth it after a long dry period. Much appreciated. [emoji4]