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Nightmare of the Future (1 Viewer)

The Blue Pencil

Senior Member
Broken memories cover these yellowed pages
Tossed on this shipwreck of wants and lies
Hollowed it out from what lived once
And then I crushed this dream for what reality dictated
Nothing seems as lovely as what could have been
While the days of longing grow into nights
And dreams of futures that can no longer exist
Dance in my distant eyeballs for a while.
She didn’t know that it would hurt
Innocence brings gleaming white snow
But the return of truth spatters blood upon it.
And this daydream of life must return to die
In my mind it can thrive for a little while.

I gave up for a short time
Hope has a way of saving you from all that is wrong
Short apprehension of the things that I cannot have
Will not erase the truth of future fantasies
In this mirror I can see the reflection of too many things
Too many words left unsaid and too few hateful words let to rest.
Yet in this lofty soft cushion of hope
I can envision a life of joy
Toss aside the cloak of lies and I’m left for dead.

It’s not a lie.
This memory of a future and the sight of what was seen
Cannot die along with the death of my soul.
All that you dreamed of will not come true
And the stars that shine high will ride down to meet me
The pretty pictures that I have yet to see
Will vanish and be replaced with a beauty that I have never known.
Just because I have seen a difficult time
I will not be left for dead.
What is the point in living if you’ve already given up on dying?
I will not continue to give up on my life.
Because in the shadow of nightmares
I can find the pleasure of sunny dreams.

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