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Nicholas Evans (1 Viewer)



Have you guys read Nicholas Evans' books? The Horse Whisperer, The Loop and Smoke Jumpers.

I like his books a lot. Good stories. I think The Loop was the best then the Horse Whisperer. That's typical though. I find that authors second books are usually the best and the third aren't quite as good. Does anyone else find that?


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Didn't they call The Horse Whisperer, The Death of the Novel? :lol: No, that could have been The Bridges of Madison County.

I haven't read any of his books, but my mum loves them.

I find most authors follow a stock market trend. They have ups and downs as they progress, but generally get better. Ray Feist may be an exception, as he appears to be getting worse and worse. :(


I don't think I've read anything by Ray Feist. But I do enjoy good, compelling writing and I think that can come in any format. Possibly even Harlequin! Although I haven't found any. :)