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News: Woman to Be Prosecuted for ID Theft After Impersonating Boyfriend on Facebook (1 Viewer)


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Heh. Interesting article.

Woman to Be Prosecuted for Identity Theft After Impersonating Boyfriend on Facebook

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey – A woman accused of impersonating her boyfriend on a fake Facebook page and posting inflammatory comments can be prosecuted for identity theft, a judge ruled Wednesday in a case that could have wider implications for American cyber-speech.
Dana Thornton was indicted last year on one count of fourth-degree identity theft, a crime punishable by a maximum 18-month prison term upon conviction. Assistant Prosecutor Robert Schwartz said she created the Facebook page using photos and personal information about her ex-boyfriend, a police detective in northern New Jersey, and posted comments purported to be from him.

Here's the article: Woman To Be Prosecuted For Identity Theft After Impersonating Boyfriend On Facebook | Fox News

I know lots of people who have done this or are doing it. A lot of them thing it's only a prank. What do you think?


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It's theft and should be punished. Getting misleading/untrue information "back" from the internet is like collecting smoke from yesterday's fire.


Seems to me she could be sued for libel as well.

There's no reason to be impersonating others on the internet just to cause harm.

Brendan M

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Well worth the watch.


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This is the first I've ever heard of something like this happening. I've only heard stories of people 1) leaving a (public) computer signed into someone's Facebook account and the next person coming along and typing non-sensical things 2) someone creating a completely fake account to attack someone else or lead them on.


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I know that I should feel sympathetic, but I conclude that it's his fault for using such a social networking site.