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Newly self published amazon author (1 Viewer)


I recently self published erotica on Amazon I've self published as I wanted to experience total control over all the features of the book. I am open in the future to being published in the traditional way. Doing my first book has been a massive learning curve and I am still not sure how to go about some of the steps e.g.:
What is the ideal cover for my genre? Which got me thinking do I want something which is typical within my genre or do I want something that will make me stand out-are the book covers designed in such a way within erotica because those are the ones that sale.
I am also not sure how to market the book, I did pay a small amount to market the book, only to be informed after the guy had taken my money that I am not the kind of person who would appeal to his audience.

Any self published authors out there have opinions re stages of creating your book?
Any authors who've been traditionally and self published who can comment on the comparisons?

Ralph Rotten

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Can't comment on the cover without having a look at it.
As for marketing, each genre has different places to market. For example, with post apocalyptic books one great place to market is survivalist forums.
Why? Because that's where lots of EOW readers hang out.

So if you are marketing erotica, the logical place to market it would be the forums attached to popular sites like pornhub, XNXX or Xvideos.
Shamelessly self promote your work in any friendly venue.
Just ask yourself; where do all the pervs hang out online?
Is there a #Erotica tag on twitter?
Is your cover good enough for Pinterest?

Lee Messer

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I managed to get my first novel out recently on Amazon. I had to hire my own editor and this was one of his recommendations. I will be interested in this forum.

One of the best things I've figured out is to simply copy the link to the page where people can buy your book and post it wherever you go online... like this:

[Copied and pasted URL here]

Or put it in your signature
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Ralph Rotten

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Media Manager
Twitter is a quick place to pick up sniffers & sneezers. Also, there are a few groups for erotica there.
find me on twitter or facebook, and I'll retweet some of your stuff.