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newbie on the boards...: ) (1 Viewer)



:thumbr:hi everyone.. last night i sat on the pc looking for some writing forums and this was the one i picked to join,, to jump in to take my breaks from my writing wrk and just collect my thoughts.
Iv not actually ever spent any time chatting with any other writers so i am looking forward to having some chit chat with likeminded people. I saw someones work on here last night.. (if only i could remember their name : /) and i have to say it was astounding and grabbed my attention from the very first paragraph... anywayyyyyyy.... looking forward to chatting wiv you all.. ((Hugs)) zig. x


just quickly adding to this.. i messed up on my sign-up to join the boards... i am actually from the UK/ENGLAND and the time is 9.35pm, not 2.32pm as previously stated on the post.


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No prob :)

So, what kind of writing do you do? I write mostly fan fiction. Also, hope we can become friends.

~ Shinn

mi is happy

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Hi! I'm gana call you Zigy, if that's ok. Hi I'm Mi (AKA Brittany) I'm new here too. Wow the UK! I realy want to go there on vacation, but your prices are too high... :(


hi yeah im new aswell. just looking to find a direction that works for me. so feel free to be critical with my stuff.