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Newbie: introducing myself as advised (1 Viewer)


quiet lady 53

Although it is my first time posting anything on this Web site, I am looking forward to communicating with other writers. What a joy to talk to others who also may be introvertish, yet verbally fluent.
Introduction: I am 54, female, a Christian and divorced. I have four beautiful grandchildren, ages 4, 2, 1 and 1.
The last three years I have worked as a staff writer for a weekly newspaper in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
Recently, at my grown children's urging, I moved to Greenville, SC where several of them are located, and have been looking for regular employment. As a result, some freelance writing has been something to occupy the time.
There have been several severe testings, but through it all I am finding that if I have God, I am rich.
When it comes to talking about myself, I find it strangely barren, since there are so many other interesting topics in which to lose oneself.
Hopefully, that will give you an idea of who the new person is.