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Newbie here! (1 Viewer)



I just stumbled across this space tonight and it looks like a solid forum. I post a lot in another great forum, for filmmakers, at WithoutABox, and this looks like a quality place. :)

I'm a television producer by day, but I have written/directed 6 short films on the side, shown at a few festivals, written a few feature-length screenplays (of which I'm really only proud of one) and toyed around with writing a book since I was 9. I'm finally setting everything else on a back burner to focus my efforts on a Hollywood crime noir piece of fiction, followed by a couple of non-fiction projects. I'm sure you'll see me around a lot.

Oh, and the first line in my first "book": A nude male corpse, dead two days, kneels crumpled in a bathtub in an East Hollywood apartment.

Yay. Bye for now.