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Hello, my name is James, I'm 17 years old and currently reside in Naples, Florida. I am an artist, which is funny because I'm now taking a keen interest in writing. I see writing as just another medium to paint a story, a tale and to express your inner workings of your mind. I started writing fanfiction, which were mostly tales about video games such as: Runescape, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Dragoon. I have even written poetry, and currently...a novel (gasp!). My current project is a fantasy book, as you can see I am quite fond of fantasy.

I start writing fantasy by first drawing out the stories, I can fill a 100 page sketch book with:Maps, characters, scenerys and weapons. This helps me to organized by thoughts and guess what, something you can see can be easily put into words.

Well my work will be posted soon!



I know that my writing may be what you would call...mediocre. Yet I still think I can be a great success if I try hard!


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Hi there and let me be the first to welcome you to the forum, James. I hope you enjoy being here with us, and get help with any problems you may have with your writing.

From another James :)


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yo! i'm an artist too. i'm not very good though... and i too write fantasy.

welcome. have fun, can't wait to read your stuff