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New York By Bloodlight (1 Viewer)


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New York night-time
migraine pounding music against
backing vocals, screaming and sirens wail
yellow cab simmers out of greasy, grey fog
splashing through
wet, sweaty, red light streets

The driver's dead eyes
watch from his window
blood black in the moonlight
seeping through a man's fading fingers
he waits patiently
for a shadow in the back seat

Drives away
into the swirling darkness
of a New York night.


WF Veterans
Is it a taxi driver in new York? I like it. Stream of conscious like, except with the punctuation. Maybe if you strip it bare of the commas... haha, just a notion

red light streets - I keep forcing it like: Red street lights.


Honoured/Sadly Missed
Never actually been there. Mostly inspired by "Taxi Driver" with the excellent DeNiro. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading and commenting.
Great movie my son's favorite, that's a lot of poem, inspiration and imagination, well done!