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Oscar Madison

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I would like to start off with seeking out advice on becoming a professional writer. I enjoy sports, so I am leaning towards that genre. I am currently working on two writing projects but they are both in the early stages. I am looking to either write for a newspaper, magazine or website. I also have been writing three blogs.

Any help would be appreciated.


The best way to become a professional is to practice. You've mentioned that your progress is in the early stages, so I'll assume you have some room for improvement. If you want to become a regular member here, this is my advice:

Review other people's work. It'll teach you what not to do, and it also acts as a sort of currency. If you review someone's work, they might come back and do the same for you. It's not a perfect system (what is?) and you don't always get what you give, but it's good practice anyway. Good luck to you.

Oscar Madison

Thank you


I appreciate the advice. I will be a regular. Have a great day...


Note: Moved to Introductions. Critique & Advice is for works seeking critique or advice.

Welcome to WF, Oscar. Hope you find the answers you're looking for.

Lost in Some Story

Senior Member
Grim gave some sound advice Oscar. This forum will definitely improve your writing skills, no matter what level of a writer you are (suddenly writers sound like Dungeons and Dragons players? What am I talking about...you already hate me. Shit.)

But seriously, have a look around and leave us some of your wisdom and experience. You'll only get what you give around these parts. (Now I sound like a cowboy. Sheesh.)

I have no idea what my problem is today. Welcome to the forum.