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I'm Molly. I've been writing ever since I figured out how to put my imagination onto paper and I'm really eager to get started on this site; it looks like a lot of fun and a really nice place. I'm fourteen and want to one day have a book published (however the first step to that is finishing one- a feat I have not yet conquered, sadly). I really enjoy writing about murder and mystery (which explains my other goal, to one day become a forensic scientist).

I'm also really bad at introductions so I shall leave this here.



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Hey Molly,

I also wanted to write a book, then I got high and just forgot about it. Anyway hope you have a nice time here. :thumbl:
About finishing a book...
You're fourteen dear, not many have at your age.
Don't worry about that, it's not a competition or anything.

Write firstly because you love it, secondly because you want people to read your work ;)


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Ever seen the movie The Island? It's pretty good, and anyway your username made me think of it.

Seconding P.G., at only 14, you have plenty of time to write and finish a book, if you so choose. Go out and have a life, then you'll be able to write better about your experiences. When you're a little older, then think about being published.

Welcome to WF, where the advice is always free, (and sometimes only worth that much.) We try to help though... most of us anyway.
Welcome to the forum. I've never heard of a fourteen year old girl wanting to write a book before, but I think thats great. Remeber never try to write so much that writing itself becomes a chore because that's when you'll put it down and never come back.