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wats up everyone. my names dylan. ive been writing for a while now. i like to think my lyrics are deep(in there own sense) because they reflect on my personal life . im a cool person to talk to and im a real good listener. i hope people here can all get along with me and give me some constructive criticizm. well c you on the forums


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hey dylan im looking for inspiration. Welcome im new here too! I really like deep material as well. Good luck in your writing!


Hi Im Adam Formally , donkeyman is my protagonist

Im New to Writing, i cant bear to be without my pad and pen , constantly jotting things down, my main characteristic i guess , would be humor , but theres nothing i love more then gettin deep and thoughtfull

im from the UK in a town called basildon, ( were not all stupid honest)
where im a full time baker and full time dad along with the missus


Hello and welcome to the community, Dylan. Great to have you here. Enjoy!

Donkeyman: Welcome to you as well. Please feel free to make your own intro thread so everyone can find you and say hello.