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New to forums and blogging, reawakened writing skills (1 Viewer)

Hi all,

I'm here because I'm having a week of new things:

I've never been a forum member before, so hello! Please be gentle...

I've never blogged before, but have just set up a new page. It's all about my realisation that you can be a successful writer even if you're not a published author or journalist.

And I have never (OK, as a working adult anyway) thrown myself into creative writing properly. It's been on the backburner for so long, I almost cremated it - but hopefully this is the beginning of spending more time writing, because I love it

Really looking forward to meeting you all, sharing, and getting lots of inspiration

L x

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Bilston Blue

WF Veterans
Hi, Lorna, and welcome to the forums.

You'll learn plenty here, for there are some great writers willing to hand out sound advice by the handful. The best way to get feedback on your work is to offer feedback on the work of others in the forum you plan to post on.

Have a fun time.