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I've been writing for 32 years and doing business on the Internet for 10 years.

I'm an advocate of self-publishing because I feel writers need to take control of their own destiny.

I have a novel called "Conspiracy" at Lulu.com and I illustrated "Loves Colors Are Eternal" also at Lulu.com.

So I really have two muses - Writing and Art. I love computers and the Internet because I can combine both.

Even though I've written a murder, mystery suspense thriller, my main love is how-to books and Videos. Comes from being a Director of two computer schools where I wrote the curriculum in the mid-80's.

I think being part of this forum is going to be total fun!


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Welcome Judith. Wow! Am I glad you're hear.

Hi Judith,

Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I am a new member as well. I wanted to respond to you because you have written Mystery, Suspense, Thriller. I am in the process of writing a Mystery/Suspense right now. I'm about 100 pages in and 20K words. The are flowing faster than I can write. I was held up for awhile because I fell into the trap of continuously stopping and re-writing what I had so far. I found I cannot work like that. Anyway, I am interested in the possibility of self-publishing for what I believe are admirable, well researched reasons. I have become unsure of how much support a publisher will give me if my novel is midlist and I like the idea of having more rights and control over my own work. I know that marketing is a huge hurdle to overcome when self-publishing but I am willing to do the leg-work even though I have little experience in marketing published work. I do have an MBA, which give me some insite into marketing in general.

I would love to correspond with you in hopes that some of your experience may rub off on me. I must tell you that I am male (if corresponding to a male writer bothers you) and I have written many short stories and poetry till now. I love Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery/Crime, and Romance. I've been told by many that I write Women's stories (whatever that means). My current project features a witty irish woman who fails in her job and catches her husband cheating on her. Faced with low money and low self-esteem she must go back to home in small town Alabama to admit her failures to her quirky family. She connects with an old friend and soon is drawn into a serious murder investigation when her friend is arrested for the murder of her own husband. Her fumbling attempts to help prove her friend's innocence soon gets her on the suspect list. On the run from from the police and the real killer, She must uncover and investigate clues to prove her friend's innocence, and hers.

Enough of all that. Welcome

JL Stratton
Had to self-publish because I crossed so many genres, I couldn't see a traditional publisher knowing where to put my book (smile). It also has a touch of the paranormal.

You sound like you have the start of an excellent story. I write differently than you. I "Let the Movie Run In My Head" and wrote an article on this in my blog. Also, there is one where I give the reasons why I love self-publishing.

Since you already know how to market, you're 3/4 the way to your goal. It's one thing to write well but who's going to know if you don't know how to market (brand) yourself.

Thanks to all who've welcomed me!


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Read your article

I read your article about letting the movie play in your head. I cannot say I do this all the time but I am getting there. I tried to write an outline for my whole story and it was helpful in some ways, but then my main character started coming to life and guiding me in my writing. I stopped using the outline because I had to change it so many times and am now finding that my character's actions are more realistic. I like your "movie" idea and, even though I have to eek out little bits of writing time here and there (two kids, dog, full-time job as a test pilot academics instructor) I mull over what my character might do next while going to sleep at night and then write it all out the next day. I've had more time lately and went from three chapters finished to eleven in one week using something similar to "letting the movie play."

Would love to hear all you thoughts on self-publishing pros and cons since I am really trying to research this before making a decision. I anticipate completing my first draft of this novel within a month or two. Then, I will probably spend the next year sending it through editing and re-writing. That's another thing. Can you recommend any good editors? I've heard the best way to find one is through word-of-mouth. I would like to have my story as polished as possible before submitting to a publisher.

JL Stratton

Linton Robinson

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Welcome in Judith. Good to have somebody with self-pub experience around.

Lots of forums tend to take a very snotty attitude about it. (Using "self-published" as a synonym for "vanity" and thinking POD is is a business plan)

Enjoy the forum. It's one of the better ones on the net for horsing around, in my experience.